lovecrafted soaps & more

Every product is showered with love and creative flare.

I know you will be able to feel all my love in these too. Thank you for all the continued support!


love, Carly

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Lip Balm
Body Frosting
  • "The love and passion for creating the soap bars is undeniable when you see and smell the bars. I don't think I'll ever go back to "normal soap" again! If you haven't purchased a dozen of these already... you need to!! 1000% recommend!!"

  • "You are a master of your craft. I know everyone has 'special ingredients' or techniques, but I believe she includes love and hard work into each piece…unmatchable."

  • "I already put in a second order. 3 more handcrafted soaps and a custom body/bath oil. You guys....this stuff not only smells amazing and is gorgeous, it leaves my skin feeling so soft!"