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Hidden Shores

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This luxurious bar features mesmerizing shades of blue, topped with crashing waves and delicate seashells, capturing the serene beauty of the ocean.

✨ Scent notes... Ocean, sea grass, agave & coconut milk 😍😍

Crafted with nourishing coconut milk, revitalizing ginseng extract, and exfoliating walnut shell powder in the "sand" base, Hidden Shores offers a complete skincare experience. Let the gentle lather and enchanting fragrance transport you to the mystique of hidden coves and secret beaches. 🏝️ 



Coconut oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, coconut milk, fragrance, ginseng extract, shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, mica, walnut shell powder, sea salt, sugar, silk, bioglitter, arrowroot powder.

Net weight 5oz

A little handmade soap 101:
Each bar is hand cut, so the size/weight/design of each may vary slightly.

For a longer lasting bar, keep out of water between uses and leave to fully dry. A soap dish with raised parts for full aeration is helpful.

Bars that have dark or bright colors may lather that color, but will wash clean and will not stain.

These are REAL soaps, not synthetic detergent.

External use only.

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Jill Keeney
The perfect soap

This soap is wonderful. I loved the exfoliation after a day of work. The scent is perfect and when close your eyes you can smell the beach. Perfect summer soap.